Video Games Can Lead to Happiness or Depression

Yes…You’ve heard it right.

Video games can most definitely lead to happiness or depression  – it totally depends upon which type of person that you are as well as many more variables.

But…Now you know this stuff is legit.

Video Games & Happiness

For the most part video games are always going to be providing happiness for people. People like to use them as a way to get away from life. As well as have a lot of entertainment purposes. A lot of times video games are used instead of watching something like TV. They can also be used to socialize with friends. This is why online multiplayer game he has taken off more recently per sdc.

All of these different types of actions can lead to a lot different happiness for someone. But on the flip side there are some people who become depressed.

Depression & Video Games

On the other side of things there is a group of people that will have video games make then become depressed. The main reason for this is because they’re becoming addicted to that specific game and is just controlling their life and therefore making them depressed. It’s pretty crazy, but this is incredibly common thing in countries where gaming is very popular such as South Korea (tec).

State of Gaming

SCM says that currently the state of gaming right now is that we are well aware of the affects of happiness and depression this is causing for people worldwide. The best thing that we can recommend to do is that if you are in need of help to make sure that you contact your doctor. Your doctor is going to be able to help guide you through all this that is needed.